Barely Legal Phone Sex


1.99 a minute,
 (International)Number for International Calling:011+1-714-442-2402
Calls Discreetly Billed As MELLC
.Must be 18+ to call and have a valid Credit/Pre-Paid/Gift Card with one of the following Logo's: Visa, MasterCard, Discover

I love ABUniverse it is where I go to purchase all my adult diapers! My favorite has always been their MoliCare's Super Plus, but they have a huge selection with the cutest designs even plastic pants!. Check out the video on their production its way cool. Once your new AB Universe Diapers arrives and you are looking to play with another diaper lover then give me a call! Your Diaper Girl Mandy from Phone a Mommy the Original ABDL Site!!


So I am in a heated debate with several other Diaper Wearing Peeps that Love the thought of Diaper Humiliation. I posted a blog about it over at Phone a Mommy if you would like to read it and I have also begun a place where we can all share in the discussion at the Phone a Mommy Forums. I have many diaper lover friends with very interesting points of view on the subject of diaper wearing dares and I am hoping they will also engage in these discussions and not just with me. So if you have something to share on the subject matter of Public Diaper Humiliation and it's could be consequences Be sure to share your thoughts I would love to hear your insight!

My boyfriend acts like a Baby, he is a complete idiot when we go out. At a New Years Eve Party he played with his food, whined at the waitress because they ran out of cheese sticks, pouted when I wanted to dance, and grabbed his crotch complaining he had to pee right when the Count Down for the New Year was taking place!

He is complete juvenile and he has embarrassed me for the final time! If my boyfriend insist on continuing to act like a Baby then we shall see how he feels about me insisting he be treated like one! That's right Luke, I will have you as my boyfriend no longer! You will be moving into the spare bed room that I have made into an Adult Nursery. All your clothes are gone, I have replaced them with diapers, onsies, footed pajamas, baby shirts and plastic pants. The room smells of baby wipes and baby powder. Your recliner in the living room has been replaced with a adult baby high chair with restraints, where I will be force feeding you baby food from this day forward even when we eat in public!

I figure you will either man up or regress, you will either become the man I long to have as a boyfriend or you will become the adult baby I long to care for, either way I win!

1 888 430 2010

You have poopy panties oh yes you do! *laughs* Don’t you
dare try and deny it I can smell you from here. OMG you are a stinky little boy
aren’t you! I cant believe I have such a dweeb for a step brother. You would
poop your panties right in front of all my girl friends! They are going to be
talking about my poopy panty lover brother for weeks! You will be the
embarrassment of the whole neighborhood! Santa might even have panties with the
words Poppy Panty boy on them under the trees this year for you!

1 888 430 2010

Turkey Day is this week and I cannot wait to eat all that yummy food! I love the dark meat and thighs happen to be my favorite part of the bird. Just thinking of that tender juicy meat makes my mouth water. I can think of some other juicy meat I would love to sink my teeth into *giggles* Any ABDL Daddies out there needing help with tenderizing?
1 888 430 2010

Happy Thanksgiving all you ABDL's!